Music Studio

Newport YMCA Music Studio

Equipment includes

Mac Desktop
Marshall AS100D Amplifier
Laney GC80A Amplifier
Microphones (Superlux CM-H8A) x 2
Microphone (Audio-Technica ATW-T28)
FX Pedal (Zoom 505 II)
FX Pedal (Numark DM950)
Drums and drum mics (JSH DK51)
Studio headphones
Mic Stands
Digital cameras
USB Keyboard (M Audio, Key Studio)
Turntables (Numark TT1625) x 2
Scratch Mixer (Kam GM25 Special Edition)
Sampling Workstation (Roland SP-606)
PA Stereo Amplifier (STA-162)
Digital Recording Studio (Korg D32XD Xtended Definition)

Sound proofed recording booth.
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